Report from Doug

Dream Weaver current location as of April 1st, 22:03, JST,

17.3289 N 170.6648 E, Course: 299, true, 4.6 kts.

We continue to make progress, but high pressure and cold front blocks a more direct approach to Japan, so anticipate turning north to Japan around 18N   150E,  just a bit east of Saipan (rough terms).  

We have had a number of electrical repairs that we have made successfully.      Bouncing around in the ocean for 35 days has a way of knocking things loose.  Our latest issue is the combined gauge for water and fuel is now not working.   When we checked yesterday, each had 3/4 of a tank.  Unfortunately, it does not seem to be a loose connection or short, but rather the gauge has failed, and there is nothing to do but replace it.  

Not ideal, but not a big problem.   We know how much water we use a day and there is plenty left in tank and more in reserve.  As for fuel, we know about how much fuel we use per hour of engine running time, so can use engine hours to estimate fuel use and remaining fuel.  

順調に航行を続けていますが、高気圧と寒冷前線に阻まれて日本へは近道を出来なくなっています。北緯18 東経150、およそサイパンの東の沖辺りで日本へ向けて北に進む想定をしています。




2 thoughts on “Report from Doug

  1. Doug,
    Hearing about the rough ride at times, it’s likely that the sending units for both tanks got messed up, the indicators are pretty robust, especially the digital type. Sounds like you have a good formula as a work around. You guys are amazing , and the progress is looking great on the Furuno tracker.
    Best Regards,
    Rob and Sandrine


  2. Great to see the progress Gentz so far on a safe voyage… We look forward to more reports and speaking soon after your successful docking with some cold ones in Japan! Best of Cheers! Simon


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