Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.21.2019, after Day 55

昨日の午前、無事に福島県いわき、小名浜のいわきサンマリーナに着岸しました。 皆様のお陰様だと改めて感謝いたしております。応援してくださった方々、ありがとうございました。 また、電話を聞いてタイプしてくれた姉、写真を撮ってくれたダグ、翻訳とアップロードをしていただいた尚美さん。3人に感謝しています。 皆様、本当にありがとうございました。

We arrived in Iwaki Sun Marina in Onahama, Fukushima yesterday morning. We would not have been made it without your support, so thank you all! I would like to mention my sister, Rie did typing for me from our phone calls, Doug, who took pictures, Naomi did all the translation for the blog. My deepest appreciation for those three. And thanks all for reading our blog!

C’mon, you can do it! / 頑張れ!いけるよ!


They are supposed to meet up with the boat of the local supporter, Narita-san, and come into the port. 3 NM more to get to the meeting point, and 7 NM left to the Iwaki Sun Marina.

36.736 N 140.8714 E, as of 05:57 am on April 20

Almost there… / もうちょっと

The very last night time before their arrival seems giving them a hard time. The current is strong and pushing them back to south and many many tankers are going like high way near the Coast of Japan. They are really trying hard now!



Dream Weaver Current Location as of April 20th, 0.40 am, JST,

36.5797 N 141.1547 E, Course: 290, 2.9 kts.

Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.19.2019, Day 54

4月19日 日本時間午前7時 54日目天気曇り

北緯35度55分 東経141度48分 南の風20ノット 

波2 M ヘディング310度 船速6.4ノット



この航海中、夕日を感じながら物思いにふけっていると、涙がポロポロポロポロ出てくることが多くありました。この綺麗な夕日を、見えない自分が悲しいのではなく、また、天草の白浜の夕日を見ていた子供の時代に戻りたいと思って、悲しくなっての涙でもありませんでした。今生きていることへの感謝、このようにしてダグと出会い、再チャレンジしている自分が幸せということを噛み締めての涙でした。 失明時、命を断っていればこのような素敵な人生は送れなかったのです。


皆様の周りにも、苦しんで悩んでいる人はいませんか? 是非、陽の光となり暗闇の中にいるその人たちを照らしてください。 良かったら私の本「見えないからこそ見えた光 絶望を希望に変える生き方」をプレゼントしていただけましたらありがたいです。そのような人たちを、少しでも減らしたいと思い、書かせていただいた本です。 遅くても明日には着岸できます。最後の最後まで気を抜かず頑張っていきます。

April 19th, 7 a.m., JST, Day 54, Weather: Clear

35.55 N 141.48 E, South 20 kts. wind,

Wave hight: 2 meter, Course: 310, Boat speed 6.4 kts.

[ We can re-challenge anything, as long as we are alive ]

Yesterday we struggled against the current. It was pushing us at 3 to 4knots, making our speed drop down to half. We were supposed to arrive on the 19th… Sailing is not only affected by the wind but but the currents and tides. We have 70miles left. I wish we can get there quicker.

On this , I often found myself tearing up and crying as I feel the sunset. It’s not that I’m sad that I cannot see this beautiful sunset. It’s not that I’m crying because I want to go back to my childhood in Amakusa when I could see the sunset. It’s tears of happiness that I am alive today, that I could meet Doug and attempt this voyage again. If I had taken my life when I went completely blind, I would not have had the chance to live this wonderful life.

And if I had decided to call it quit after our failed attempt in 2013, I would not have had the chance to try again with Doug and experience this wonderful voyage. I am grateful of the challenges I can take on because I am alive.

Maybe there are people around you who are suffering the way that I once did. Please help them see the light in the darkness. My book, “The Light I Could See Because I Cannot See”, (only available in Japanese at the moment) explores my struggles and how I found the light. Please share this with people around you who may be suffering. I hope this can make a little bit of a difference. We will arrive in Onahama tomorrow. I will keep my senses sharp until the very end.

Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.18.2019, Day 53

4月18日 日本時間午前7時 53日目天気雨

北緯34度26分 東経143度39分 北東の風21ノット 

波3 M ヘディング304度 船速6ノット


今回の航海について、2013年の辛坊さんとの太平洋横断に挑戦したブラインドセーラーが、再チャレンジに挑むということで、どうしても私にメディアからフォーカスされることが多い。 もっと、ダグの情熱や行動力に、 フォーカスしていただきたいと考えています。 皆さんにも以下の3点を読んで頂き、ダグの情熱と行動力が Dream Weaver プロジェクトを推進してきたかが、わかると思います。

1.ダグからの一通のメール クジラとの衝突により、夢を途中で断念せざるを得なくなった私の経験、そして、再びやりたいということをダグが友達から聞き、そのストーリーに感銘を受けて、一緒にやろうではないかというメールを、私に送ってきた。2016年12月のことである。彼が住む東京に行くことになっていたので、その際、お互いの気持ちを確認し、プロジェクトをスタートさせた。「僕にはセーリングの経験はないが視力はある、君は視力はないがセーリングスキルはある、二人でやれば夢は必ず実現できる」ということを彼は言ってくれた。 周りの人の多くは「そんな初心者と行ってまた失敗したらどうするの、お前が使われるんじゃないの、その間の生活はどうやって守るの」等々、ネガティブに思っている人が多かった。 駅まで視覚障害者を誘導したり、一緒に旅行に行くのとは違う。命をかけての挑戦である。よっぽどの情熱がなければできないはずである。ダグにはその情熱が十分すぎるほどあったのです。

2.私が住むサンディエゴでヨットを購入、そしてトレーニングスタート 2017年3月早速タグがサンディエゴに来て、外洋に適したヨットを見て回った。私が住むサンディエゴにヨットを置いた方がトレーニングに際し、私への負担が軽いと判断し、決断、即行動だったのである。このスピードには驚かされた。5月には二人でトレーニングを始め、外洋に、セーリングに行き始めた。サンディエゴのトレーニングとは別に、アメリカ東海岸でセーリングスクールにも行き、アメリカセーリング協会のコースを、次から次へと受講した。時間的に経済的に余裕があるとはいえ、私のトレーニングのために、2~3ヶ月に1回、2~3週間来たことからも、彼のこのプロジェクトに対しての情熱が伝わってくる。

3.実際の航海では彼の役割は8割以上 2月24日サンディエゴ湾を出港し、今日まで多くのことを経験し、いろんな気づきを得ることができ、明日、福島の小名浜に着ける予定である。非常に嬉しい。 この航海中、気象予報士、非常部隊との連絡、ナビゲーション、プロパンの点検、風力発電機、AIS等の修理…、8割以上彼がしてきた。 私の仕事は、デッキやマストに行く際に急がないで安全に、 Dream Weaver に負担がかかっていそうな時、もっと優しく走らせよう、低気圧に入り込んで不安や心配のためにダウンし、ベッドに横になっている時、「一時の辛抱、Dream Weaver が守ってくれる、大丈夫」と声をかけるぐらいだった。 このようなダグの情熱と行動が、世界初ブラインドによる太平洋横断を成功に導きつつあることを、もう一度強調しておきたい。そしてこのようなダグと出会えたことに心から感謝している。 日本に近づくにつれ他船が多くなり、昨晩からほとんど一睡もしていないダグに、到着時皆さん激励お願いします。

With this voyage, as it is my second attempt to cross the pacific, after my failed attempt last time with Shinbo san, there has been a lot of attention on me from the media. I want people to focus more on Doug and his passion and proactive actions. Let me share with you the three things that show Doug’s actions which made this voyage possible.

1. The first email from Doug: Doug heard about my last attempt crossing the pacific through a mutual acquaintance. He emailed me in December of 2016 asking if I’d like to attempt the voyage again. As I was going to visit Tokyo, where Doug lives any way, I decided to meet him to discuss and make sure that we were both on the same page about what this project would entail. Doug said to me, “I can’t sail, but I can see. You can sail, but you can’t see. If we work together, we can make it happen.” Many people were skeptical, that a novice sailor and a blind sailor would attempt this journey together. What if you fail again? How are you going to provide for your family while you are out at sea? Maybe you are being used as a token blind man. Sailing across the pacific is no casual trip, it can be a life threatening experience. Yet, Doug was passionate and believed in our ability.

2. He purchased a boat in San Diego (where I live) and started training: In March of 2017, Doug came to San Diego and started to look for a yacht. He felt that getting a boat in San Diego would make it easier for me when we train and immediately purchased the boat. I was amazed by how quickly he took action once he made a decision. We started training together in May and started sailing together. Outside of training with me, he attended a sailing school and apply to courses through the American Sailing Association. Although he does have time and financial stability, this does not change the fact that he would come to San Diego for two to three weeks every few months for us to train. From this action, I could feel his true commitment to the project.

3. On this voyage, Doug has done 80% of the work. From when we left San Diego on February 24th until now, we have experienced many things, and feel many different emotions of the fact that we will be arriving in Fukushima soon and I am extremely happy. On this voyage, the communication with the weather company, doing the navigation, checking the propane tank, the wind power generator, fixing the AIS, more than 80% was Doug. My role was to remind us to be cautious and safe on the voyage, to make sure we chose routs that don’t put too much stress on Dream Weaver, and when we are in low winds and we start to feel unsure and worries, that I remind us that the Dream Weaver will protect us. I want to emphasize that Doug’s passion and action are what made this historical sail possible. I feel this strongly as we get close to our goal. I am grateful that I was able to meet somebody like Doug. As we get closer to Japan, there are more and more boats in our vicinity. Doug has not slept at all since yesterday in order to keep watch. Please thank and congratulate Doug when we arrive tomorrow.

Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.17.2019, Day 52

4月17日 日本時間午前7時 52日目天気曇り

北緯32度9分 東経145度10分
南東の風14ノット 波2 M
ヘディング338度 船速7ノット







April 17th, 7 a.m., JST, Day 52, Weather: Clear

32.9 N 145.10 E, SE 14kts. wind

Wave hight: 2 meter, Course: 338, Boat speed: 7 kts.

[ My message to Aeolus ]

The winds and waves are calm for now, but a strong low pressure is approaching this way, and it is going to be very stormy, according to the weather forecast. We had enough of the rough seas, but we will give everything we have, to get over this. This is a gift from God for us to make ourselves stronger, or a gift to make our joy at the arrival many times bigger. Please pray for us.

Our current plan is heaving to off the Coast (to park the boat while at the sea) , during the evening of the 19th and arrive in Iwaki Sun Marina in the morning of the 20th.

We came to 600 NM off the Coast near Onahama, a day before yesterday. Speaking of 600 NM, that is about the area, Aeolus has sank, back then.

《 Dear Aeolus 》

We’d left you to sink after our collision with a whale. But still, you stayed strong for us, slowing down the speed of the flooding and giving us as much time as possible before you sank. Thanks to you, we were safely rescued. If only I’d been able to search the damage and fix you somehow, maybe we wouldn’t have had to leave you in the ocean; that is my only regret. Even when we got on the emergency raft, we were supposed to stay near you, stay with you until the end, but since the metal bolt might have had hit us and caused a rupture, reluctantly we decided to cut the rope and disconnect from you. I feel guilty sorry for that. I wanted to stay with you until the very end. But I am alive and feeling so fortunate to be able to re-challenge the voyage. Our three months together in Osaka was a great fun. We shared wonderful memories with lots of smiles by doing maintenance with all the volunteers. I hope you wish us a best from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Have a peaceful time under the sea. Thank you, Aeolus.

With appreciation,


Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.16.2019, Day 51

4月16日 日本時間午前7時 51日目 天気雨

北緯30度33分 東経147度 22分
北の風14ノット 波2 M
ヘディング258度 船速7ノット





April 16th, 7 a.m., JST, Day 51, Weather: Rain

30.33 N 147.22 E, North 14 kts. wind

Wave hight: 2 meter, Cour: 258, Boat speed: 7 kts.

[ 3 years since Kumamoto Earthquake ~ best wishes for the reconstruction of Kumamoto from the Pacific Ocean ]

It has been 3 years since the earthquake attacked my dear hometown, Kumamoto. My deepest sympathy to the victims.

I went back to Kumamoto to volunteer on May, 3 years ago. My role was to listened to people evacuated from their house to Joto Elementary school near Kumamoto castle, and give them for some comfort physically and mentally.

That memory comes back every time I go back to my mother’s house in Kumamoto. We had to take apart the building for safety so I know how hard the experience is. I hope, my challenge sends energy and a courage for those who’s working hard for the reconstruction of the City. I would be grateful if I can be part of it.

picture from November, 2018
昨年11月 熊本城天守閣の様子