Shrine Visit / お参り

Hiro and Doug visited Namiyoke Inari Shrine (波除稲荷神社 Namiyoke inari-jinja) to pray for a safe passage.  Hiro was especially keen to go to the shrine since they did not visit the shrine before the last voyage.   Namiyoke Inari Shrine (波除稲荷神社 Namiyoke inari-jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in Tsukiji, Chūō, Tokyo. It is an Inari shrine that was built on … Continue reading Shrine Visit / お参り


New Pec / ニューペック(電子航海支援アプリ)

Less experienced sailors and people unfamiliar with sailing usually associate offshore and blue water sailing with increased danger.  And, while it is true that one is further from help if something happens, it is also less likely something will happen as there are fewer boats to collide with and no obstructions in the water, with … Continue reading New Pec / ニューペック(電子航海支援アプリ)

Helly Hansen/ ヘリーハンセン

Helly Hansen has kindly agreed to provide a full set of sailing wear to the Dream Weaver team.   For the serious sailor or skier,  this company needs no introduction, but for those less familiar with the brand, we have copied and pasted about the history of Helly Hansen from the company website.   (株)ゴールドウィン様のブランド、ヘリーハンセンよりセーリングウェアの一式をドリームウィーバー … Continue reading Helly Hansen/ ヘリーハンセン

Furuno Tracking System/ 古野電気のトラッキングシステム

Furuno has kindly agreed to allow us to use their vessel tracking system.  This system will allow friends and family to track our progress and for our support team onshore to monitor the boat for unusual movements, e.g. stopped, moving backwards, etc., that might indicate there is a problem.  This system is quite advanced so … Continue reading Furuno Tracking System/ 古野電気のトラッキングシステム

Dream Weaver LOGO / ドリームウィーバー   ロゴデザイン

We would like to introduce Miyamoto Yusuke who was instrumental in finishing the Dream Weaver LOGO. The LOGO incorporates “DW” written in brail on the blue sail in white dots. The shape of the sail is in the shape of the letter "D" and the wave of water under the sail is reminiscent of the letter “W”. The blue … Continue reading Dream Weaver LOGO / ドリームウィーバー   ロゴデザイン

Team Meeting / 打合せ

On November 23rd, we had a team meeting in Tokyo to discuss satellite and tracking options and also go over materials from the prior voyage to see what lessons we could learn. The support of the team in Japan has been invaluable to making this project possible.  Members of the team include:  Ando Ken, Hiki … Continue reading Team Meeting / 打合せ

Dream Weaver Yacht Showcase and Bon Voyage Party Invitation (San Diego)

Doug and I will be sailing out of Harbor Island in San Diego on February 24, 2019, to our destination Onahama port in Fukushima, Japan. The journey will take approximately 2 months. To celebrate the beginning of our journey, we will be showcasing our yacht Dream Weaver. After the showcase, we invite you to join … Continue reading Dream Weaver Yacht Showcase and Bon Voyage Party Invitation (San Diego)