Dream Weaver Yacht Showcase and Bon Voyage Party Invitation (San Diego)

19BGf3jjR0SAZuunhdPqUw Doug and I will be sailing out of Harbor Island in San Diego on February 24, 2019, to our destination Onahama port in Fukushima, Japan. The journey will take approximately 2 months.

To celebrate the beginning of our journey, we will be showcasing our yacht Dream Weaver.

After the showcase, we invite you to join us for the Bon Voyage party at the Boathouse Restaurant next to the marina. At the party, Doug and I will be sharing our thoughts about the voyage. We hope to see you there!*

*We need to know how people are attending, so please send your RSVP to blind.yachtman@gmail.com, thank you for your cooperation.

Dream Weaver Yacht Showcase Time – January 19, 2019 4:00~5:00PM Location – Harbour Island West Marina, slip 210 2040 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 Tel: 619-291-6440 http://www.harborislandwest.com/

Bon Voyage Party Time – January 19, 2019 5:00~8:00PM Location – Boathouse Restaurant 2040 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, California 92101 http://www.boathouserestaurant.com/

Dream Weaverお披露目会とボンボヤージパーティーのお知らせ


そのヨットDream Weaverを皆様に見ていただく機会を設けさせていただきます。




* 人数把握のため、参加ご希望の方はお手数ですが、blind.yachtman@gmail.com まで参加人数とともにメールを送っていただきますようにお願いいたします。

Dream Weaverお披露目会: 日時 2019年1月19日(土)、午後4時~5時 場所 Harbour Island West Marina, slip 210 2040 Harbor Island Drive. San Diego, CA 92101 Tel: 619-291-6440 http://www.harborislandwest.com/


 日時 2019年1月19日(土)午後5時~8時 場所 Boathouse restaurant 2040 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, California 92101 http://www.boathouserestaurant.com/

Checking The Compass

Before GPS became ubiquitous, swinging a compass (checking it for accuracy and adjusting)  was a yearly ritual for most boat owners.  The compass was the most important navigational tool onboard as even a small error could have a major effect on an Estimated Position calculation. These days, we are not as dependent on compasses, but the humble steering compass is still an important navigational tool.

We had the compass checked and the good news is that it is reading correctly; there is little deviation from what the compass shows and what is actually shows as you can see from the “report card”.   However, we did discover that the air horn, which is used to signal other vessels, was causing a major deflection of the compass as it is a heavy metal container and was located close to the compass.  Once we are out of San Diego Bay where we might need to give an audible signal, we will move the airhorn to a place far enough from the compass not to be a problem.


We took Dream Weaver to the boat yard at the end of April to have the rigger entirely replace the standing rigging (the wires that hold the mast in place) and the running rigging (the “rope”/line by which the sails are controlled).  While still in relatively good condition, these would eventually need to be replaced and we want to reduce points of potential failure that could lead to bigger problems during the voyage.

In addition to the replacements, we are also having the rigger remove the boom for the staysail.  The staysail is a smaller sail between the genoa (the sail at the front of the boat) and the mainsail (the sail that provides the most power to the boat and is attached to the mast and boom).   The staysail boom was just getting in the way and we believe we can have more flexibility, especially when tacking (moving the bow of the boat through the wind so that the sails are on the opposite side of the boat), without it.