We took Dream Weaver to the boat yard at the end of April to have the rigger entirely replace the standing rigging (the wires that hold the mast in place) and the running rigging (the “rope”/line by which the sails are controlled).  While still in relatively good condition, these would eventually need to be replaced and we want to reduce points of potential failure that could lead to bigger problems during the voyage.

In addition to the replacements, we are also having the rigger remove the boom for the staysail.  The staysail is a smaller sail between the genoa (the sail at the front of the boat) and the mainsail (the sail that provides the most power to the boat and is attached to the mast and boom).   The staysail boom was just getting in the way and we believe we can have more flexibility, especially when tacking (moving the bow of the boat through the wind so that the sails are on the opposite side of the boat), without it.


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