Checking The Compass

Before GPS became ubiquitous, swinging a compass (checking it for accuracy and adjusting)  was a yearly ritual for most boat owners.  The compass was the most important navigational tool onboard as even a small error could have a major effect on an Estimated Position calculation. These days, we are not as dependent on compasses, but … Continue reading Checking The Compass


Coming full circle- A return to Onahama

Hiro's first attempt to cross the Pacific began in Onahama, Fukushima.  This is also where we intend to conclude this second attempt that will begin in San Diego.   Why Onahama?  Why not San Diego's sister city of Yokohama or some other major port? The reason is that this is a voyage of hope and inspiration, … Continue reading Coming full circle- A return to Onahama


We took Dream Weaver to the boat yard at the end of April to have the rigger entirely replace the standing rigging (the wires that hold the mast in place) and the running rigging (the “rope”/line by which the sails are controlled).  While still in relatively good condition, these would eventually need to be replaced … Continue reading Rigging

6 Month Countdown

TODAY IS EXACTLY 6 MONTHS BEFORE OUR PLANNED LAUNCH DATE ON FEBRUARY 24, 2019! We have been very busy preparing the boat, including re-rigging, "swinging the compass” (checking it for accuracy) and other work. We also have a busy training schedule planned for October. We appreciate your interest and support. Please share our site with … Continue reading 6 Month Countdown