Japan Times Podcast / ジャパンタイムズのポッドキャスト

The Japan Times, Japan's largest and oldest English-language daily newspaper, invited Hiro and Doug to talk about their 54 day, non-stop voyage across the Pacific as part of the newspaper's Deep Dive podcast series.  ジャパンタイムズがDeep Driveのポッドキャストシリーズの収録にヒロとダグを招待して下さり、54日間の航海の話を聞いてくれました。英語ですが、ご興味あればお聞きください。 https://audioboom.com/posts/7280552-hiro-iwamoto-the-blind-man-who-sailed-the-pacific

Close-hauled /のぼり

Dream Weaver current location on March 3rd, 07:09 Japan Time 23.8744 N 121.2193 W, Course 262° true, 4.6 kts Report from Doug at 2:17 a.m. Japan Time: El Niño and the affects of a succession of low pressure systems forming off Hawaii have conspired since our departure to prevent us from heading west and have … Continue reading Close-hauled /のぼり

Facebook Live Streaming / Facebook ライブ中継

Dream Weaver Support team will try Live Stream the launching ceremony on our Facebook Page. It will be from Feb. 24th, 12:30 pm on Pacific Time. For the folks who is in Japan, it will be from Feb. 25th 5:30 am your time. We may have some connection issue, but we will try what we … Continue reading Facebook Live Streaming / Facebook ライブ中継

One more day… / あと1日…

Thanks everyone for your support. We had a lot of reaction from the San Diego Union Tribune readers. Hiro has been checking his movement on the boat. Doug still arranging equipment installments and organization on the boat. We had dinner with families and friends of Hiro and Doug this evening. They receive a special letter … Continue reading One more day… / あと1日…

日本からの応援団/ Supporters from Japan

We are having one of the Dream Weaver support team member, Hiki-san and Hanaoka-san (what people call him legend!) came to see the boat. They are teaching Doug and Hiro more sailing technic in bad weather. We appreciate their time and effort!!! ドリームウィーバーサポートメンバーの一人の比企さんとレジェンドと呼ばれる花岡さんがサンディエゴまで駆けつけて下さいました。大シケの際のさらなるテクニックをご伝授いただき大変有難いです。サポーターの皆様、時間を作ってわざわざ我々のためにありがとうござます。