Greetings – ごあいさつ

My name is Hiro Iwamoto, a completely blind sailor with a dream to sail across the Pacific Ocean.  On my first attempt in 2013,  the boat was sunk by a whale six days into the voyage-

But, I will challenge again with my friend, Doug.  We undertake this voyage not only for personal accomplishment, but to send a message that anything is possible when people come together.  In this case, a blind (but experienced) sailor and a novice (but sighted) sailor, will each compensate for the other’s weaknesses to complete at non-stop trip across the Pacific that is expected to take 60 days.

This Voyage of Inspiration is about taking action and making a difference, the same theme connecting the causes we wish to support: preventable and curable blindness; enabling those facing challenges; and citizen science, i.e. putting control of data in the public’s hands (the team will be monitoring radiation and pollution levels during the voyage using a monitor provided by SAFECAST).

For about fifty dollars, less than you might spend on a dinner out, you can help restore sight to the blind, help prevent others from becoming blind, facilitate the blind reaching their full potential and help everyone know more about their environment by working with their fellow citizens.




The Himalayan Cataract Foundation、Carter Center Trachoma Control Program


Challenged Athletes Foundation