Furuno Tracking System/ 古野電気のトラッキングシステム

Furuno has kindly agreed to allow us to use their vessel tracking system.  This system will allow friends and family to track our progress and for our support team onshore to monitor the boat for unusual movements, e.g. stopped, moving backwards, etc., that might indicate there is a problem.  This system is quite advanced so that the settings can be changed by our support team onshore. This is  a very useful feature.  For example, we can set the system to transmit once every hour to save electricity but, if something happened and the shore team could not reach us, they could have the system send our location more frequently to assist in locating the boat.  



下記に、月刊 KAZI に掲載された同システムの記事があります。舵社の企画編集、営業部課長の安藤さんは個人的に岩本を応援してくださっているサポーターで、このトラッキングシステムの開発に携わられました。