Moving forward / 前進してます

Dream Weaver current location, March 4th 10:45 a.m. Japan Time

23. 3683 N 123.6678 W

Course 255° true, 6.9 kts.

Report from Doug on March 4th at 9:12 a.m. Japan Time:

We have had our best day of sailing so far since leaving San Diego.  We have averaged 7 knots , nearly twice the average speed so far, and it seems these conditions will persist for at least another 24 hours.  Impossible to say whether our 60 day expectation for arrival in Japan will  be met, but it is finally nice to be making good speed in that direction.   


ダグからの報告 日本時間、3月4日午前9時12分



4 thoughts on “Moving forward / 前進してます

  1. Hiro and Doug – The Blind Stokers Club is tracking your progress. Thanks for the notes from your log. Question: Have you stowed the burgees during transit? Have you communicated with any vessels along your route?

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    1. Reply from Dream Weaver: We have kept the burgees flying. There have been very few vessels close to us and all commercial (tankers) so no communications.

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