Heading south again /再び南へ

Dream Weaver current location on March 15th, 10:50 a.m. Japan Time

15. 8979 N 148.5109 W

Course 219°, Boat speed 7.2 kts.

Report from Doug

We have decided to turn south to get more established in the trade winds for the 3000 nautical mile trek West before our turn up to Japan.   The winds further south should be stronger and more consistent, and the waves will be inline with our direction if travel making things a little more comfortable

Going closer to Hawaii would have been the shortest distance, but we would have had to contended with: wind shadow of Big Island; less predictable wind and waves, approaching cold front and possible squalls and increased boat traffic.



ハワイに近づいて行くというのは最短距離ですが、ハワイ島が立ちはだかりウィンドシャドー となり、予期しにくい波風、寒冷前線の接近やスコールに、同じ航路の船の増加などがあります。


Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.15.2019 Day 19

3月15日 日本時間 午前7時 19日目 天気晴れ。

北緯16度14分 西経148度14分 北東の風8メートル 

波60センチ ヘディング210度 船速6ノット 




スコール後は天候が落ち着き、Dream Weaverを打ちつける波もなく、船が安定していたため、セールのセットを変えるために起こされることもなく、4時間ぐっすり眠れた。出航して初めての快眠だった。通常8時間は寝る私だが、4時間で快適になったとは驚きだ。

そして、今日は最高の日を過ごしている。 人生、自分の意志でコントロールしていると思うかもしれないが、実は睡眠によってコントロールされているのではないだろうか。 大きなミスをして事故にならないように、なるべく良い睡眠をとろうと思った。

March 15th, 7 a.m. Japan Time, Day 19, Weather: Clear

16.14. N 148.14 W, NE 8 meter wind, Wave hight: 60 cm

Course: 210°, Boat speed: 6 kts.

[ Sleep controls my life? ]

We came across squall yesterday and the day before. I was glad to finally experience it, because most of the books by world sailors talk about it! 🙂

Warm humid wind suddenly disappears, then the temperature drops down with sudden cold winds blow at us. If you prepare for it, you can actually enjoy it like a game, wether to keep on sailing, or to fold the sails. Enjoyed the rain as if I was taking a shower and I sent my wishes with the strong wind.

The weather got nice and calmed down after the squall that there were no strong waves hit Dream Weaver. The boat got stable and there was no need to change the sail settings for a while, so I got to do deep sleep for 4 hours. This was the best sleep I ever had during this voyage. I normally sleep 8 hours, but I am surprised to feel so refreshed in 4 hours and I am having a great day today.

You might think, your willpower is taking control your life, but I think, sleeping is controlling my life.

I will try to get a good sleep to avoid big mistakes that lead to accidents.


Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.14.2019 Day 18

3月14日 日本時間 午前7  18日目 天気曇り。

北緯17度33分 西経146度25分

東の風10メートル 波1.5メートル

ヘディング285度 船速7.5ノット 





March 14th, 7 a.m., Japan Time, Day 18, Wether: Cloudy

17.33 N. 146.25 W

East 10 meter wind, Wave night: 1.5 meter

Course: 285, Boat speed: 7.5 kts.

[Appriciation for ordinary things]

Kinder sea is back this morning, so we boiled some water for the first time in four days and had some coffee. The cup of coffee made me feel so happy and I enjoyed the moment.

We turned off the refrigerator yesterday due to the lower battery. We got rid of old fresh foods into the ocean. I cleaned my body with a disapposable wet towel. Water is limited that we don’t want to waste any of it. I am not shaving my face during the voyage. I was thinking about our days on this boat as I felt some mustash and beard on my face.

While I spent my days like this, I realized adventures make our everyday ordinary life very special and I am very thankfu for that.