Weather Updates / 天気予報アップデート

Dream Weaver current location on March 7th at 10:33 a.m. Japan Time

21.7729 N 129.5681 W Course 273° true, Boat speed: 7.8 kts

We spent the morning inspecting the boat and topping off the main fuel tank from reserve cans of fuel we have onboard.   We wanted to take advantage of calm seas and light wind before the forecasted higher wind and seas arrove in the afternoon.  

Since late afternoon, we have been enjoying 15 knot winds and making 7.5 knots of speed in seas of 3-4 feet.   These conditions are expected to continue until we reach Hawaii.



Here are some updates on weather forecast we received.



1) Cold front now extends SW to near or just SE of 22n/130w, which is about 60 nm to NW and W of you

   a) front slowly moving SE, and

2) Ahead of this front, you will continue to be into light winds into this afternoon

   a) Little or no wind

3) Best to head more W to get thru this front ASAP, which

4) Think you should see the frontal passage around 00 utc Thu

   a) Wind shift into NE to around 10 kts or possible low teens, and

   b) There will be more cloudiness with a few squally showers around

5) Behind front, NE wind may increase into teens during this evening, but 

6) Cold front slows down, possible stalling and moving back toward you overnight into early Thu

   a) Wind diminishes and trends right, possible into E to near 10 kts, if front comes close again, but 

7) In general, there will be more wind to W, especially as you get more W of the front during Thu

   a) Wind speeds mainly 10-15 kts, then

8) Do think you get into stronger NE winds Thu night and into Fri, which will help give better sailing conditions

   a) Wind speeds into teens to near 20 kts

   b) Wind direction avg close to 050

9) High pressure will be building SE and S to near 33n/150w for 2nd half of weekend into 1st part of next week

10) This stronger high to N will be generating stronger NE trades later in weekend into Mon

   a) Wind may back as far left as 030 during Sun with wind more into 20s, then

   b) Wind trends right Sun night into Mon, but look for wind into 20s to near 30 kts at times

11) Overall, after the light conditions today, you get into better wind tonight into Thu and Fri, but

12) Rougher trades expected, mainly later weekend into at least 1st part of next week

   a) Larger seas, up to 10-14 ft by Mon – rougher wind waves with larger NW-N swell


1) Heading more W to get into the NE breeze ASAP by this evening, then

2) Can head W or a little W-SW thru Thu and Fri, then with stronger NE trades, then can head more W-SW

   a) Aiming for near 20 30n/141 30w by Mon

3) Estimated positions listed below 

Wind forecast 

Time is UTC: Wind directions are TRUE / wind speed in kts

Wed, Mar 6

18: Light/variable <5

21: Light/variable <5

Weather…Partly cloudy, chance for few showers around tonight

Seas 7-9 ft, NW swell (10-12 sec)

Thu, Mar 7 – close or just W of front into stronger NE wind

00: 020-040/ 7-12 – frontal passage

06: 040-070/ 12-17 – hdg W

12: 050-080/ 14-8,       near 21 45n/130 25w – hdg W

18: 030-050/ 10-15

Weather…Variable cloudiness, isolated squally shower around, mainly early AM

Seas down to 5-7 ft, wind waves with NW swell

Fri, Mar 8 – into stronger and more favorable trades

00: 030-050/ 10-15

06: 040-060/ 14-20

12: 040-060/ 14-20      near 21 40n/133w, hdg W or a little W-SW

18: 040-060/ 16-22

Weather…Variable clouds, isolated squally shower around

Seas 6-8 ft, increasing wind waves with N swell

Sat, Mar 9

00: 040-060/15-22

06: 040-060/15-22

12: 035-055/15-22       near 21 25n/135 45w

18: 030-050/17-24

Weather…Variable to partly cloudy

Seas 6-8 ft, wind waves with N or N-NW swell

Sun, Mar 10 – stronger NE trades and rougher seas, as high builds near 33n/150w in N Pacific

00: 030-050/16-22

06: 030-050/17-24

12: 030-050/17-24       near 21n/138 30w

18: 030-050/18-26

Weather…Variable cloudiness, risk for passing shower or 2

Seas to 9-12 ft wind waves with larger NW swell (12-14+sec)          

Mon, Mar 11 – rougher trades with stronger high to NW near 33n/150w

00: 030-050/18-26 g30

06: 040-060/20-30

12: 050-070/20-30       near 20 30n/141 30w

18: 050-070/20-30

Weather…Variable clouds, risk for passing showers

Seas to 10-14 ft, rougher wind waves with N swell

Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より03.06.2019, Day 11



北緯21度08分 経度129度10分

北東の風風速6メートル 波1メートル ボードヘディング270度 船速12キロ 


今朝は、風に備え、デッキ周りのロープやブロック(滑車)等の点検を入念にしました。 日が暮れる前に毎日ダグに見てもらってはいるのですが、今朝は、私も一つ一つ触りながら点検していきました。 メインを巻き取るシステムがトラブった時に備え、新しく装備したレイジージャック(マストからブームへの2本のロープ)を実際に転回することも行いました。


[Preparation is the first step to success]

March 7th, 7 a.m. Japan Time. Day 11. Weather: Clear

21.08 N 129.10 W, NE wind, Wind speed: 6 meter

Wave hight: 1 meter, Course: 270°, Boat speed: 12 km/h

We are off the motor and started to sail again from an hour ago.

We checked ropes and blocks around the deck carefully this morning to prepare for strong winds. Doug does that everyday before sunset, but I did it myself too, by touching every single items. We tested lazy jack system (two ropes run from the mast to the boom) as well . That comes in handy in case we have some troubles with the main sail system.

We are expecting more winds and waves toward this weekend. We will prepare for that and will keep ” safety-first” in top of our mind.