Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記 04.02.2019, Day 37

4月2日 日本時間午前7時 37日目 天気曇り

北緯17度08分 東経170度02分  東の風20ノット 波1 メートル  ヘデ ィング280度 船速6.5ノット






April 2nd, 7 a.m., Day 37, Weather: Clear

17.08 N  170.02 W, East 20 kts.winds

Wave high: 1 meter, Course: 280, Boat speed 6.5 kts

[ Enjoyed the first shower in 37 days ]

Winds went down, and the boat speed became zero yesterday.  We just could not stand the situation and turned on the engine to look for some winds. We used a lot of fuel at the beginning of the voyage, so we turned it off an hour before the sunset.

At one point during the voyage, we were blessed with some great winds, and our expectation was 4 days earlier than our original Estimated arrival time, but… It seems like, I need more patience that the winds are giving me some more training ; )

Well, we had something good too in this situation. I was able to take a shower the first time in 37 days. Not warm shower, but I got to wash my hair and body in the rain while I was working on the sail setting. That was good enough to make me feel refreshed, and I thanked we were blessed with this rain.

I am so looking forward to go to onsen (hot spring bath) in Japan.

Report from Doug

Dream Weaver current location as of April 1st, 22:03, JST,

17.3289 N 170.6648 E, Course: 299, true, 4.6 kts.

We continue to make progress, but high pressure and cold front blocks a more direct approach to Japan, so anticipate turning north to Japan around 18N   150E,  just a bit east of Saipan (rough terms).  

We have had a number of electrical repairs that we have made successfully.      Bouncing around in the ocean for 35 days has a way of knocking things loose.  Our latest issue is the combined gauge for water and fuel is now not working.   When we checked yesterday, each had 3/4 of a tank.  Unfortunately, it does not seem to be a loose connection or short, but rather the gauge has failed, and there is nothing to do but replace it.  

Not ideal, but not a big problem.   We know how much water we use a day and there is plenty left in tank and more in reserve.  As for fuel, we know about how much fuel we use per hour of engine running time, so can use engine hours to estimate fuel use and remaining fuel.  

順調に航行を続けていますが、高気圧と寒冷前線に阻まれて日本へは近道を出来なくなっています。北緯18 東経150、およそサイパンの東の沖辺りで日本へ向けて北に進む想定をしています。