C’mon, you can do it! / 頑張れ!いけるよ!


They are supposed to meet up with the boat of the local supporter, Narita-san, and come into the port. 3 NM more to get to the meeting point, and 7 NM left to the Iwaki Sun Marina.

36.736 N 140.8714 E, as of 05:57 am on April 20

Almost there… / もうちょっと

The very last night time before their arrival seems giving them a hard time. The current is strong and pushing them back to south and many many tankers are going like high way near the Coast of Japan. They are really trying hard now!



Dream Weaver Current Location as of April 20th, 0.40 am, JST,

36.5797 N 141.1547 E, Course: 290, 2.9 kts.