Hiro’s Journal/ ヒロ日記より 03.09.2019 Day 13


北緯21. 39 西経134.10  北東の風10メートル

船速7ノット ヘディング270° 波の高さ2M




March 9th 7 a.m.Japan Time, Day 13 Weather: Cloudy

21.39 N 134.10 W, NE 10 meter wind,

Boat speed: 7 kts. Course 270°, Wave hight: 2 meter

[ Three-Point Support ]

Waves and Winds have been getting higher since 5 p.m yesterday, our time. We need to pay special attention to do anything on the boat. Many of you might have experienced losing your balance while walking in a moving train. The boat not not only goes up and down, but also sways left and right as it gets hit by waves. We have to hold on to a rail or place one hand on the wall to move around without losing our feet. Same when we brush our teeth, change our clothes, to do anything. When we need both hands to do something, we would lean our backs against a wall and keep three-points of contact to stay stable at all times.

We are expecting more winds and wave. Safety is always our priority.

Wave Model- North Pacific Sea Height

3 thoughts on “Hiro’s Journal/ ヒロ日記より 03.09.2019 Day 13

  1. Hi Hiro!!! Hello Doug!!! God speed and thank you for letting us follow yiur adventure!! Love from San diego!!


  2. Praying for your safety! May the Lord continue to provide favorable seas and winds. Enjoy your time on His seas. Gambatte.


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