International Dateline / 日付変更線

We are finally here. But, what does it really mean when you have already traveled almost 5,000 nautical miles over what, at times,  seemed an eternity?

Each day is ruled by the Sun and the Moon, the winds and the waves who pay no heed, nor even passing interest, in the artificial conventions of Man. 

Nonetheless, we are pleased to be here as a milestone to our progress.  Without such markers there is a sense of standing still while moving forward: each day we follow the Sun and every afternoon she calls to her legions who gather themselves up in orderly rows,  dressed in resplendent white,  to follow her to her chambers for the night.

Our next milestone will be passing Wake Island and then our turning point north: to Home.   






5 thoughts on “International Dateline / 日付変更線

  1. Congratulation to both of you. How exciting. You’ve passed the half way mark. – homeward bound.👏🏻👏🏻 I look forward to reading your emails each day. May the winds always be at your back. Tskwncare


  2. You are a true poet. These are beautifully written lines about the sun and the waves in orderly rows, in resplendent white, following her to her chambers for the night.


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