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Japan Times Podcast / ジャパンタイムズのポッドキャスト

The Japan Times, Japan’s largest and oldest English-language daily newspaper, invited Hiro and Doug to talk about their 54 day, non-stop voyage across the Pacific as part of the newspaper’s Deep Dive podcast series. 

ジャパンタイムズがDeep Driveのポッドキャストシリーズの収録にヒロとダグを招待して下さり、54日間の航海の話を聞いてくれました。英語ですが、ご興味あればお聞きください。

SAFECAST / セーフキャスト

Dream Weaver carried a Safecast bGeigie Nano, a mobile, GPS enabled, logging, radiation sensor on its voyage across the Pacific. The sensor is designed for mounting on the outside of a car window but can be used on bicycles, trains, planes, and other modes of transportation, including a sailboat! The monitor can be easily assembled and is very rugged.
As expected, the radiation readings taken from the boat were normal background radiation as there were no sources of potential radiation nearby and because water is very effective at absorbing radiation. Although Dream Weaver did not take readings close to the Fukushima reactors as were not in that area, other people have. As you can see from this map – on-the-water readings are low even within one kilometer of the reactors.
Some people asked why we bothered to take readings if we did not expect to find anything. That is a good question. Our view is that it is always best to check our assumptions, expectations, beliefs… with facts/data. Now we know that readings in the areas we measured are “normal”.
About Safecast
Safecast is a global environmental sensor network enabling people to collect radiation and air quality readings and freely use and share the data collected.
Started after the Fukushima earthquake in 2011, Safecast has the largest collection of radiation data ever available spanning every continent on the globe. The project is driven by volunteers and citizen scientists everywhere, just like you.
Safecast believes that environmental data should be open, easy to access and easy to understand. They provide an open, free and public map of all submitted radiation data readings that can be accessed via browser or Safecast: drive apps.


計測の結果は予想通り至って普通の数値でした。放射性物質が付近にあったわけではありませんが、水は元々放射性物質を吸着するので高い数値は出にくい条件なのです。ドリームウィーバーは福島第一原発の近くを航行したわけでもないのですが、他のユーザーによって計測はされています。このリンクの地図をご覧ください。 原発の1キロ以内は海上では数値は低くなっています。






Party with a group of sailing friends / ヨット仲間達との祝賀会

We celebrated the success of the voyage with our sailing friends in Tokyo.


ミュージシャンの栗山さんが「Dream Weaver」と「リアルビクトリー」で場を盛り上げてくれました!

読売テレビ/Yomiuri TV




We had a dinner with Mr. Fujita, Mr. Yuki and Mr. Nabetani of Yomiuri TV. Mr. Mori and Ms. Sasaki joined and we had a great time.

They live-broadcasted the arrival of the boat on a show which main cast is Shinbo-san who was Hiro’s partner for the 1st attempt. The sceine of Dream Weaver approaching toward the goal from the helicopter camera was so beautiful.

We had many responses all over Japan. We are glad to know that Doug and Hiro’s messages were heard by a lot of people. ” Dream will come true if you keep trying.”

A Message after the voyage / 航海を振り返ってお伝えしたい事

We are pleased to announce that the Voyage of Inspiration, a non-stop sailing voyage from San Diego, USA to Fukushima, Japan, was successfully completed on April 20. The Voyage took 54 days and covered 7,000 nautical miles (13,000 kilometers) with just Hiro (“Blind Sailor”) and Doug (“Seeing-Eye Doug”) as captain and crew. We hope that the Voyage will inspire others to pursue their dreams, no matter what challenges they may face.

The Voyage has raised approximately $10,000 for charities, but there are $20,000 in matching funds available. We need another $10,000 or more of donations to reach a total of $40,000, including the matching funds. If you have not donated, please consider doing so and, if you already have, please consider doing so again. These donations make immediate change in peoples’ lives: for example, you are able to restore people’s vision! 
To donate, please go here-チャリティー/organizations/ and make your donation directly through the website of your chosen charity by following the link. Then, send a copy of the receipt you will receive after you donate to: We will close the fund raising on July 20, 2019, so that we can do a final accounting and make the matching donations to the charities. 
Again, thank you all for your support.
Fair winds,
Team Dream Weaver(Doug Smith and Hiro Iwamoto) 


詳細はこちらのサイトをご覧ください。チャリティー/ そして、直接それぞれの団体のホームページにてご寄付いただき、その際に送られる寄付の領収書を送って下さい。2019年7月20日をもって我々のチャリティー活動を締め切らさせていただきます。そこから決算して、マッチングドネーションを上乗せして寄付致します。


トークショーとサイン会@新宿紀伊国屋書店/ Book signing in Shinjuku




場所:紀伊國屋書店新宿本店9階 イベントスペース

受 付◆5月15日(水)よりお電話にてご予約を受付いたします。(先着50名様)


Hiro’s having a book signing and his talk show at Shinjuku Kinokuniya book store.

Where: Shinjuku Kinokuniya 9F Event space

When: June 5th (Wed) 19:00~ (door opens at 18:45)

Fee: 500 yen

Registration starts from May 15th. Please call at 03-3345-0131 to secure your seats.