Message from Dream Weaver after Day1

We left our slip at around 1:30 PM on a beautiful San Diego day to the well wishes of many supporters. The sail out of the Harbor was the best we ever had- seven knots no tacking.  We were even accompanied by dolphins.

However,  circumstances changed the next day as is often the case and sailing and life. We found ourselves in flat seas with little or no wind.  We Experimented with various sail arrangements and approaches And have managed to come about 180 nautical miles since departure  it being now 9:30 am Tuesday morning (Pacific Time) . We are about 75 nautical miles north of Guadalupe Island and are motoring about 4.5 knots in the hopes of catching good wind predicted for that area that might hopefully give us the boost we need to finally get into the Tradewinds and head west.  

美しいサンディエゴから大応援団の祈りを背に、2月24日 午後1時半ごろ出航しました。港からの出だしは7ノットでタッキング(船首を旋回させる行為)する事なく、 今までで一番良い出航が出来ました。そればかりか、イルカ達も一緒に泳いでくれるというサービス付き。


photo sent from the boat


5 thoughts on “Message from Dream Weaver after Day1

  1. Dear Hiro & Doug…

    It’s a Good Morning to you, from the beautiful Agean Coast of Turkey…

    We Salute you both from Burhaniye and send our Best Wishes to both…

    Selam ve Sevgiler….

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      1. Hi Naomi 🖐
        Yes , we are the Gelegen Gang in Turkey
        The othera are in Tokyo, as you know. Yukiko and Ferda told us about this amazing Voyage…

        We wanted to say Hello, as well as extending our Best Wishes, Love and Support . Though we are far away, when we look out into the Agean Sea from where we are, we feel like we can connect with Hiro & Doug through the Sea….

        Kind regards….


  2. So kind! Just like Ferda and Yukiko always are.
    Thanks for your support! The crew are not checking comments from the boat, but I will send the. Let them know they have manu people supporting and ones from Turkey too!!!



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