Tracking / 現在位置

現在位置はこちらをクリック / Please click here for location

This is just a sample. You need to click the red link above to see the current location.

*Time on display is Japan Standard Time. 表示されている時間は日本時間になります

Google Chrome and Firefox, work better for the site. Safari is OK too. グーグルクロームかファイヤーフォックス推奨です。SafariもOKです。

One of our biggest sponsor, Furuno, has provided us their tracking system, as well as a technician from Japan to help us install it. You can go to the link above to find our current and past location. When you visit the site, click the menu on top right corner and turn on “Animation” and “Wake”, then a bar to play the animation will appear; click the blue button to the left of it to start. If the site does not display correctly, Chrome is recommended to access the site. Safari works fine on Mac as well.