日本からの応援団/ Supporters from Japan

We are having one of the Dream Weaver support team member, Hiki-san and Hanaoka-san (what people call him legend!) came to see the boat. They are teaching Doug and Hiro more sailing technic in bad weather. We appreciate their time and effort!!!


Media interviews/ メディアインタビュー

San Diego Union Tribune came to interview us. We also have a couple of Japanese TV came to shoot our day trading session.


El Nino / エルニーニョ

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has announced El Nino is likely to continue through spring 2019 and expected to be weak. Hopefully the current and the wind do not get effected badly, so that the boat speed would not slow down too much.



出港セレモニーへのご招待/Invitation to The Launching Ceremony

We are only days away from our launch on February 24. We are well prepared for our journey thanks to all the support we have received. On the day of our launch, we will have a time with the media at 11:30am, a launching ceremony at 12:30pm and will set sail around 1:00pm. If you live in or near San Diego, please come by to send us off!


Time 時間

February 24, 2019

11:30am – Media interview メディア取材

12:30pm – Launching Ceremony 出港セレモニー

1:00pm – Departure 出港

Location 場所

2040 Harbor Island Dr. Slip 210
San Diego, CA 92101

Go all the way to the end of Harbor Island Dr. until you see the roundabout
ラウンドアバウトがあるところまでHarbor Island Dr.を進む
Take the first right to enter the parking lot
Head towards GATE 1
GATE 1の方向へ進む
Go down the deck towards the gate
Enter through GATE 1
Gate 1を通る
Keep going straight
You will see slip 210 on your right

6 days to go! / あと6日!

We loaded some foods to the boat today. We will do more shopping, but all the food donation items got here from Japan safely.



$15,000 in Support and Matching Donation from Hegemon Capital / 我々が支援する団体へのご寄付

We have received significant support from Hegemon Capital:

Hegemon Capital, Inc. is inspired by the courage and verve of the Dream Weaver Team to donate $5,000 to the Voyage, and also to increase by $10,000 the matching donations of the Dream Weaver Team  to the charities they are supporting: The Himalayan Cataract Foundation, Trachoma Control Program , Challenged Athletes Foundation, and Safecast.   We admire Hiro and Doug as part of the striving human tide that raises all ships.  We are humbled to support their message and mission to never give up and to believe in the causes the Voyage supports and, as a long-term supporter of US-Japanese relations and commercial ties, we call on all who are like-minded to join us in supporting the Voyage of Inspiration.

With this generous support, there is now a total of $20,000 in matching donations available so please donate and, if you have already donated, please consider donating again.  You can make a difference. Please click here.

Hegemon Capital様よりこの太平洋横断チャレンジに対してご寄付賜りました。5,000ドルのご寄付に加えて、我々が支援しているチャリティー団体へのマッチングドネーションに対しても10,000ドルを寄付して下さいます。我々が支援する団体は、ヒマラヤン白内障プロジェクト、伝染性結膜炎コントロールプログラム、障害者スポーツファンデーションとセーフキャストで、これらの団体をチームドリームウィーバーと共に支えて下さいます。