Donations Final Tally- $41,250 / 寄付の合計額は約439万円でした

Thanks to your kind support and the special support of Hegemon Capital and Bill Hunter, we were able to raise $41,250 for the charities, including the matching donation from Team Dream Weaver.

$41,250 is the aggregate raised for all four charities. But, to give
you an idea of the magnitude of your generosity, if expressed in terms of potential vision restorations, the money raised could help restore sight to almost 1,000 people and free the people currently supporting them to pursue their own dreams.

チャリティー活動にご賛同くださった皆様、大変ありがとうございました。また、協賛頂いたHegemon Capital様とBill Hunter様には多大なる感謝を申し上げます。お陰様でTeam Dream Weaverからのマッチングドネーションも含め、日本円でおよそ440万円を集めることができました。



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