NHKワールドのインタビュー / Interview with NHK World

昨日は160の国、地域で3億世帯が視聴しているというNHK ワールド(NHKの国際英語放送)のDirect Talkという番組の収録があり、神奈川県油壷に行ってまいりました。






Yesterday, I had an interview by a program called “Direct Talk” on NHK World at Aburatsubo, Kanagawa prefecture. NHK World is a NHK’s international English Channel which is broadcasted in 160 countries and regions with over 300,000,000 viewers.

The interview was taken place at Aburatsubo Boat Service (ABS). They supported my 1st chalenge 6 yeas ago.

We used the 2 floor terrace of Mr. Hidaka’s house . He is the owner of ABS. The Terras has a fantastic view and it was such a beautiful day.

My talk was about sprit of never give up, and the power of gratitude. I also talked that all the incidents have their meanings in our lives.

Later, we had a photo session on a sailing boat. I explained how I create my mental image of the boat. This program will air on August 12th. Please check it out!

I feel so grateful to be given opportunities to send my message of courage and hope to many people through media.



One thought on “NHKワールドのインタビュー / Interview with NHK World

  1. How beautiful. It’s a shame Hiro couldn’t actually see them, but thank
    you for sharing with us. Love to all


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