“To the Shining Sea”, the documentary about the voyage / 光さす海へ〜世界初!全盲ヨットマンの太平洋横断

On Sunday, June 30, the documentary about the voyage titled “ To the Shining Sea“ aired on NHK BS1 and will be replayed today at 5pm Japan time.  In addition, the documentary will be shown on NHK International , but in Japanese only, July 14 and 15.   (detail) Also, it is available on NHK Ondemand, but this is also all in Japanese. The access is limited only in Japan, but with some kind of VPN, maybe you can access…

Our thanks to Kenshi Fukuhara for taking over 1,000 hours of video recordings and creating an inspiring  50-minute program that captured the essence of Hiro’s life story and the voyage.   We hope that the viewers took away the message that dreams really can come true if they keep trying no matter what challenges they may face.

Please note that while the voyage is over,  we are still accepting donations for the charities until July 20 and every dollar donated will be matched with a matching donation.  So, you are really able to give two dollars for every dollar you donate.  Please help make other peoples’ dreams come true.  


6月30日(日)に「光さす海へ〜世界初!全盲ヨットマンの太平洋横断」がNHK BS1で放送されました。今日、7月2日(火)午後5時にも再放送されます。見逃した方は是非ご覧ください。また、海外で邦人向けに放送されているNHKワールドプレミアムでも放送が決定致しました。(日本時間)7月14日(日)23時45分 *北米地域だけは7月15日(月)10時20分(東部時間)また、NHKオンデマンドでも視聴いただけるようです。単品買いも出来ますのでどうぞ。海外からのアクセスにはVPN経由が必要です。




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