NHK BS1 スペシャル / The documentary program on NHK BS1



福原さんはカメラや録画するSDカードのチェック、テストを入念に行い、船内3箇所にGo Proを設置、ダグとひろが使えるハンディカムも用意されました。

ダグは、毎日様々な電気機器の充電とSDカードの交換を行いました。到着前夜は航海の中で一番大変だった気象となり、外に設置されていたGo Proが飛ばされる羽目に。それでも福原さんの元には、およそ1000時間に及ぶ映像が届けられました。



本放送は、NHK BS1にて6月30日(日)午後10時〜10時50分。「光さす海へ〜世界初!全盲ヨットマンの太平洋横断〜」 お見逃しなく!

Soon after this project started,one of Hiro’s friends,Hagiwara-san,introduced a freelance documentary film maker / TV producer,Kenshi Fukuhara,who lives in L.A. to Hiro and Doug.  Kenshi had worked for NHK ,the public broadcaster in Japan,in the past and he pushed very hard and got an approval from NHK to make our story a documentary program.  Doug wanted to record the voyage somehow,so Kenshi’s proposal to film and make a program was very helpful.

Kenshi prepared cameras and SD cards. He checked the equipment and did tests many times to figure out the best settings. He installed three cameras on the boat,and another hand camera was given to Hiro and Doug.  Doug called himself “charging man”(“juden man” in Japanese). He charged all kinds of batteries and equipment on the boat,for example intercom headsets and the Safecast radiation monitor,in addition Kenshi’s cameras. He also changed SD memory cards everyday for all the cameras.

The very last day of the voyage had some of the toughest conditions of wind,wave and currents,and one of the outside cameras was lost.  Nevertheless,more than 1,000 hours of movies came back to Kenshi.  Kenshi’s work to make a 50-minute program from 1,000 hours must have been very hard.  You can see the trailer for the documentary by following the link below. The program will air on NHK BS1 on Sunday,June 30th from 22:00 to 22:50 p.m and is titled, ” Hikari Sasu Umi E (To The Shining Sea)~ Voyage Across the Pacific by a Blind Sailor”


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