SAFECAST / セーフキャスト

Dream Weaver carried a Safecast bGeigie Nano, a mobile, GPS enabled, logging, radiation sensor on its voyage across the Pacific. The sensor is designed for mounting on the outside of a car window but can be used on bicycles, trains, planes, and other modes of transportation, including a sailboat! The monitor can be easily assembled and is very rugged.
As expected, the radiation readings taken from the boat were normal background radiation as there were no sources of potential radiation nearby and because water is very effective at absorbing radiation. Although Dream Weaver did not take readings close to the Fukushima reactors as were not in that area, other people have. As you can see from this map – on-the-water readings are low even within one kilometer of the reactors.
Some people asked why we bothered to take readings if we did not expect to find anything. That is a good question. Our view is that it is always best to check our assumptions, expectations, beliefs… with facts/data. Now we know that readings in the areas we measured are “normal”.
About Safecast
Safecast is a global environmental sensor network enabling people to collect radiation and air quality readings and freely use and share the data collected.
Started after the Fukushima earthquake in 2011, Safecast has the largest collection of radiation data ever available spanning every continent on the globe. The project is driven by volunteers and citizen scientists everywhere, just like you.
Safecast believes that environmental data should be open, easy to access and easy to understand. They provide an open, free and public map of all submitted radiation data readings that can be accessed via browser or Safecast: drive apps.


計測の結果は予想通り至って普通の数値でした。放射性物質が付近にあったわけではありませんが、水は元々放射性物質を吸着するので高い数値は出にくい条件なのです。ドリームウィーバーは福島第一原発の近くを航行したわけでもないのですが、他のユーザーによって計測はされています。このリンクの地図をご覧ください。 原発の1キロ以内は海上では数値は低くなっています。







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