A Message after the voyage / 航海を振り返ってお伝えしたい事

We are pleased to announce that the Voyage of Inspiration, a non-stop sailing voyage from San Diego, USA to Fukushima, Japan, was successfully completed on April 20. The Voyage took 54 days and covered 7,000 nautical miles (13,000 kilometers) with just Hiro (“Blind Sailor”) and Doug (“Seeing-Eye Doug”) as captain and crew. We hope that the Voyage will inspire others to pursue their dreams, no matter what challenges they may face.

The Voyage has raised approximately $10,000 for charities, but there are $20,000 in matching funds available. We need another $10,000 or more of donations to reach a total of $40,000, including the matching funds. If you have not donated, please consider doing so and, if you already have, please consider doing so again. These donations make immediate change in peoples’ lives: for example, you are able to restore people’s vision! 
To donate, please go here- https://voyageofinspiration.com/charities-チャリティー/organizations/ and make your donation directly through the website of your chosen charity by following the link. Then, send a copy of the receipt you will receive after you donate to: voyageofinspiration@gmail.com. We will close the fund raising on July 20, 2019, so that we can do a final accounting and make the matching donations to the charities. 
Again, thank you all for your support.
Fair winds,
Team Dream Weaver(Doug Smith and Hiro Iwamoto) 


詳細はこちらのサイトをご覧ください。https://voyageofinspiration.com/charities-チャリティー/ そして、直接それぞれの団体のホームページにてご寄付いただき、その際に送られる寄付の領収書を送って下さい。2019年7月20日をもって我々のチャリティー活動を締め切らさせていただきます。そこから決算して、マッチングドネーションを上乗せして寄付致します。



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