Thanks to Furuno / 古野電気さんにお礼と到着のご挨拶



役員の方々にお礼のご挨拶をさせていただいた後に神戸新聞から取材を受けました 。

航海中のハラハラドキドキを皆様に伝えることができたのは、古野電気さんから 提供していただいたトラッキングシステムと衛星電話のおかげです。

[Thank you to Furuno!]

Yesterday we went to Furuno to thank them for the tracking system and the use of the satellite phone during our voyage. 

When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by 300 employees of Furuno and were reminded how big-hearted the company is.  We expressed our thanks to those assembled and then had an interview with Kobe newspaper. 

We really appreciate Furuno for providing us with the tracking system and phone as these allowed us to share our thoughts during the trip with our supporters and for them to follow along on the journey with us. 

Again, much appreciation to Furuno. 


3 thoughts on “Thanks to Furuno / 古野電気さんにお礼と到着のご挨拶

  1. I used the Furuno system to track and plot daily fixes of Dream Weaver on the Voyage of Inspiration, so i could share the voyage progress with members of Hiro’s bicycling club – the Blind Stokers Club in San Diego. The Furuno system worked brilliantly!


  2. Nice looking group of people. It’s great that this company dedicated extensive time and resources to the voyage of inspiration. As a daily viewer, the reliability of the tracking system was impressive, and graphics so incredibly detailed.
    Go Team Furuno!


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