Ceremony / 到着セレモニー



いわき市長 清水敏男 様、福島県議会議員 坂本竜太郎 様、海上保安庁 第2管区保安部 福島海上保安部長で小名浜相馬港長 大逹弘明 様、いわき海星高校 校長 松本喜法 様

ヒロの教え子で全盲シンガーソングライターの栗山龍太さんによる「Dream Weaver」と「リアルビクトリー」(パラリンピック応援歌) の演奏がありました。



The arrival ceremony was held on April 21. Hiro and Doug sailed dinghies with the local high-school students and children, then enjoyed delicious tonjiru stew cooked by the parents.

After lunch, there were celebratory speeches given by the Mayor of Iwaki City, Mr. Shimizu, the Parliament Member of Fukushima Prefecture, Mr. Sakamoto, the Head of Second Regional Coast Guard Headquarter, Mr. Oodachi, and the Principal of Iwaki Kaisei High-School, Mr. Matsumoto.

Kuriyama-san, a blind musician, performed his original songs, “Dream Weaver” and “Real Victory” to celebrate Hiro and Doug’s achievement.

Then, something Hiro and Doug did not expect happened. They got to meet the yellow handkerchief designer, Himeka’s family. They got to give them the handkerchief to her father and he gave the new ones back to them.


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