C’mon, you can do it! / 頑張れ!いけるよ!


They are supposed to meet up with the boat of the local supporter, Narita-san, and come into the port. 3 NM more to get to the meeting point, and 7 NM left to the Iwaki Sun Marina.

36.736 N 140.8714 E, as of 05:57 am on April 20


5 thoughts on “C’mon, you can do it! / 頑張れ!いけるよ!

  1. Yahoooo,
    Big Congratulations is truly in order gentlemen. Looking like salty sailors with your mustaches and beards! The boat looks as happy as both of you. A beautiful day in all respects. Wishing we were there to hug you guys, but we can still feel the energy back here in San Diego. We are opening a bottle of wine and raising our glasses to the final chapter of your success story!
    Rob et Sandrine


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