Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.16.2019, Day 51

4月16日 日本時間午前7時 51日目 天気雨

北緯30度33分 東経147度 22分
北の風14ノット 波2 M
ヘディング258度 船速7ノット





April 16th, 7 a.m., JST, Day 51, Weather: Rain

30.33 N 147.22 E, North 14 kts. wind

Wave hight: 2 meter, Cour: 258, Boat speed: 7 kts.

[ 3 years since Kumamoto Earthquake ~ best wishes for the reconstruction of Kumamoto from the Pacific Ocean ]

It has been 3 years since the earthquake attacked my dear hometown, Kumamoto. My deepest sympathy to the victims.

I went back to Kumamoto to volunteer on May, 3 years ago. My role was to listened to people evacuated from their house to Joto Elementary school near Kumamoto castle, and give them for some comfort physically and mentally.

That memory comes back every time I go back to my mother’s house in Kumamoto. We had to take apart the building for safety so I know how hard the experience is. I hope, my challenge sends energy and a courage for those who’s working hard for the reconstruction of the City. I would be grateful if I can be part of it.

picture from November, 2018
昨年11月 熊本城天守閣の様子


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