Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.15.2019, Day 50

4月15日 日本時間午前7時 50日目 天気曇り

北緯29度8分 東経149度11分  南東の風15ノット 

波2 M ヘディング325度 船速5.5ノット




今日の昼から、風が上がり30ノット を越える予定です。夜中には45ノットまで(ちょっとした台風)上がる予定です。セーリングを始めて最高の風速なので、準備をしっかりし、イメージトレーニングを何度もし、今までの経験とトレーニングを集結させ、落ち着いて平常心で乗り切りたいと思います。皆さん、地上から見守っていてくださいね。

さて、日本は寒いですね。今回、ゴールドウィン様から、ヘリーハンセンの各種セーリングウェアを頂きました。ありがとうございます。今日は、カッパを着て、準備にあたっています。このカッパは、非常に動きやすく機能も優れており、とても助かっています。 ヘリーハンセンのお店は、東京の原宿の駅から徒歩で行けるところにあります。ここには、街で着るようなファッショナブルな洋服もあります。是非行ってみてください。

April 15th, 7 a.m., Day 50, Weather: Clear

29.08 N 149.11 E, SE 15 kts. wind

Wave hight: 1.5 meter, Course: 325, Boat speed: 5.5 kts.

[ We love our sailing ware by Helly Hansen! ]

The winds and waves were just right last night, that I had a nice and deep three-hour-sleep. I was recharged physically and mentally.

Enjoyed my morning cup of Starbucks coffee and some bread; my typical breakfast set. I got a lot of those canned bread donated by one of our supporter, Monma-san. This product is made as an emergency provision, but it is nice and moist that tastes pretty good.

It is expected to have higher winds that will be over 30 kts from this afternoon, and will get up to 45 kts.(almost like a typhoon) by mid-night today. This probably is going to be the biggest winds we will experience during this voyage, so we will get ready, try to do image training over and over. I will try to benefit all the trainings and experiences we got so far to get over this. We will focus with calm state of mind.

Well, being near Japan, is colder. I were fortunate to have a variety of sailing ware items from Helly Hansen by GOLDWIN INC. I am doing preparations, waring their windbreaker jacket today. This is such a nice quality. It is easy for me to move around even waring this jacket that is very helpful.

One of the shop is in a walking distance from Harajuku station in Tokyo. They have some stylish casual clothing as well. Please go and see!


4 thoughts on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.15.2019, Day 50

  1. Hi Hiro, Wow it looks like you’re very close to Japan on the tracker. You’ve gone a long ways. I have some cold beers waiting for you when you get back. Enjoy and God bless.


  2. I love reading your posts and hearing how “calm mind” is so important to your journey, as well as trying to practice it in my daily life on land! Good sailing to you and Doug!
    You are awesome!


  3. Looking pretty sporty in your high tech sailing gear Hiro. Hopefully you have a thermos full of the hot coffee, as it may be a challenge to make it for the next few days. As close as you are now surely you can smell the island of Japan. Stay strong, focused and ready for anything ahead on the home stretch as you lean into it.

    Big hugs,
    Rob and Sandrine


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