Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.11.2019, Day 46

4月11日 日本時間午前7時 46日目 天気晴れ

北緯23度32分 東経115度25分 南東の風16ノット 

波60 CM ヘディング260度 船速6.5ノット



やっと西に向けて舵を切れる風向になった途端、微風となり、ほとんど進まず、セールとブームの音で眠れませんでした。もっと忍耐のトレーニングが必要と言われているような気がしました(苦笑)。 しかし、3時間ほど前から良い風が吹き出し、日本に向けて快適なスピードで走り出しました。地獄と天国をこの二日間で見ているようです。「苦あれば楽あり」ですね。低気圧と遭遇するまで、この素晴らしいセーリングの時間を楽しみます。

※これまで、夜だったり、夜中だったり、カメラの電池が切れたりして、荒れた海を撮影できていなかったので、午前中に荒れた海を撮影しました。 全盲のビデオカメラマンが映した荒れた海、ご期待ください(笑)。

April 11th, 7 a.m., JST, Day 46, Weather: Clear

23.32 N 115.25 E, SE 16 kts. wind,

Wave hight: 60 cm, Course: 260, Boat speed: 6.5 kts.

[ A voyage is like a life ]

The winds and waves were hard until late afternoon yesterday. There are different type of waves depending on the wave period. The same 4 meter waves are not too uncomfortable when its period is long, that means waves are slow. But, when the wave period is short, it hits us upwards, and drops us suddenly, that has a lot more damage to us and to the boat. The low pressure we met yesterday was producing short, choppy waves towards us, that many items in the cabin have blown away everywhere, and we needed to hold on something tight when we walk around, otherwise we would have smashed in the floor. I got so tired even just walking around. That situation continued until late afternoon yesterday. The winds were high as well as the waves, so the boat speed got fast, while we were heading away from our goal. It was tough mentally too.

After all the hustle, we started to sail west again, but the winds were too weak that the boat did not move forward at all. The sail and the boom made a lot of sound and I could not sleep. This voyage is still sending me a message ” you need more patience” 😅. Then, the winds came back about 3 hours ago and we are heading to Japan again! We’ve been experiencing heaven and hell in this couple of days. It is exactly like, ” Take the bad with good”. We will enjoy this wonderful sailing until we meet another low pressure.

※ Took some video of the choppy seas in the morning. We were unable to shoot that condition, because of the night time and too dark, or shortage of battery for that moment. Please wait to see a rough seas video taken by a blind cameraman! 😁



One thought on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.11.2019, Day 46

  1. Hiro and Doug, your faith, strength and perseverance is to be admired. Some of what you write is for me, almost terrifying. I have learned quite a bit, even enjoyed following the journey, but at the same time I am looking forward to your safe arrival in Fukushima. God speed. –Casey


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