Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より04.07.2019, Day 42

4月7日 日本時間午前7時 42日目 天気晴れ

北緯23度29分 東経161度33分 南の風8ノット 

波2 Mメートルヘディング280度 船速4.5ノット




さて、船内のナビゲーションデスクの前に、一枚の黄色いハンカチを飾らせてもらっています。このハンカチは小名浜港の港長に訪問した際、頂いたものです。その時、デザインを考えた、津波で亡くなった一人の女の子について話を伺い、感銘を受け、彼女の思いをハンカチと共に 、Dream Weaver に乗せ、太平洋を渡ろう、そして、そのハンカチをお父様に到着後、渡そうと決心しました。このハンカチの内容については、以下のリンクに載っております。是非読んで見てください。いわき市の塩屋埼灯台の麓にある「山六観光」さんで販売されているとのことです。収益金は全ていわき市に寄付されます。



April 7th, 7 a.m., JST, Day 42, Weather: Clear

23.29 N 161.33 E, South 8 kits. wind

Wave hight, 2 meter, Course 280, Boat speed: 4.5 kts.

[ A Yellow Handkerchief ]

We enjoyed sailing with great winds pushing us from behind. I ate double portion of meal yesterday. It’s very different from the days when we were unable to boil water in the rocking boat.

We are trying to get away now from an approaching low pressure that has a lot more wind than what we experienced the other day. We confirmed with each other to choose the safest way, which might end up meaning we go back the way we came, in case we are not be able to escape the low.

We displayed a yellow handkerchief in front of the navigation desk. This was given from a harbormaster when we visited Onahama harbor. It has a drawing on it, and the design was created by a girl who lost her life in tsunami during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. I was so moved by her story, and I decided to cross the Pacific with this handkerchief. After our voyage, I plan on giving this to her father. I have attached a link to this story about Himeka-chan’s handkerchief.(Japanese) You can purchase it at a store near Shioyazaki lighthouse in Iwaki, Fukushima. The profits are all donated to the Iwaki-City government. http://www.asahi.com/special/10005/TKY201111290254.html

I want to spend a meaningful life…I feel deep emotion thinking about tsunami victims who lost their lives while they really wanted to live.


One thought on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より04.07.2019, Day 42

  1. Hiro you have, and still are experiencing a meaningful life. Never doubt that for one moment. You have expieremced things most people will never experience in the whole lives. What a wonderful thing you are doing to honor the young girl who lost her life to the tsunami. Her father will cherish that flag forever. It will also be a symbol of what you endured on your wonderful voyage.

    Take care and my the wind be always at your back.


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