Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 04.01.2019, Day 36

4月1日 日本時間午前7時 36日目 天気晴れ

北緯16度39分 東経171度 52分  北東の風15ノット 

波1.5 メートル ヘディング310 度  船速6ノット


太平洋をセーリングしていると、行けども行けども太陽は、 Dream Weaver の後ろから登り、前の方に沈んでいく。それだけで、見えるものは海・海・海である。


April 1st, JST, Day 36, Weather: Clear

16.39 N 171.52 E, NE 15 kts. wind

Wave hight: 1.5 meter, Course: 310, Boat speed: 6 kts.

[ When I get anxious about my personal growth, I trust the Japanese proverb, ” Perseverance is power” ]

Sailing in the Pacific Ocean, we just see the sun rising behind Dream Weaver and the sun setting in the front. That’s all. All we can see is ocean, ocean and ocean…

We can not get a good sense of moving forward, because there aren’t any lighthouses, islands that can be a landmark for us. Only way we know is by checking the compass and finding the latitude and the longitude of our location. I know, we are getting close to Japan for sure, but… a lot of times, we feel anxious, because we can not recognize if we are making progress even though we are putting in all our strength. There is a saying in Japanese, ” Perseverance is power”. We just have to believe in ourselves and take steady steps every day.



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