Quick recap / ここまでのまとめ

Tried every sail combination to sail the light wind on periphery of high off Baja

Kept going South…..and South….

Finally headed southwest with alternating good winds and light winds
Through cold front into expected trade winds, but…

Near gale force winds in washing machine seas (18 foot swells)

Hawaii closer, but…We aren’t going to Hawaii anyway.  Pass on the new cold front  coming through, the wind shadow of the Big Island…. further South we go….

Finally in the trades and leaving Hawaii behind

Glorious trade wind sailing with times of lighter wind

Reasonable winds expected until turning point

Along the way, no injury, sunburn stomach ache.,,, but did need to fix:

  • Connections to propane gas solenoid ( otherwise, no hot water for cooking)
  • Ground at alternator to regulator ( otherwise, alternator overcharges batteries when engine runs, possibly destroying them)
  • Exploded block for boom break which we replaced with snatch block ( good thing the boom did not come over too hard)
  • Replaced pin between hydrogenerator propeller and drive shaft ( otherwise, not enough electricity; good thing we bought the spare part kit)
  • Various reefing and furling issues…..











  • プロパンガスのソレノイドのコネクション《しないと、食事の為の湯が沸かせない》
  • オルタネーター(発電機)からレギュレーター(調節装置)へのグラウンド《しないと、エンジンが回っている時に発電機が過充電になり、故障の原因になり得る》
  • スナッチブロックに交換する前に壊れたブームのブロック
  • 水力発電機のプロペラとドライブシャフトの間にあったピンの交換《これをしないと電力不足に陥る。予備の部品キットを持って来ていて助かった》
  • 帆の操作の際の数々の問題等々


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