Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.23.2019, Day 27

3月23日 日本時間午前7時 27日目     天気晴れ

北緯16度11分 西経167度02分 北東の風8メートル 

ヘディング280度 船速5.5ノット





今回の記事の中で最も印象深かったのが、1968年に一人だけでヨットを操船し、どこにも寄らず世界一周をするというレースが行われていたということです。さらにびっくりしたのは50周年を記念して、昨年同じ条件下でレースが行われたということです。もちろん、オートパイロットも、GPS も、ナビゲーションシステムもありません。ヨットも今の世界一周のレースから比べると非常に小さいものです。このようなレーサーからすると、私などひよっこのようなものだなぁと思いました。


March 23rd, 7 a.m. Japan Time, Day 27, Weather: Clear

16.11 N. 167.02 W, NE 8 meter wind

Course: 280, Boat speed: 5.5 kts.

[ Reading for the first time in a while ]

The waves were high and winds were strong last night. We adjusted the sail to be a little smaller to accommodate these conditions. It’s been great sailing with the trade winds. 

Yesterday afternoon I had some spare time to do some reading first time in a while.

I read the Yacht magazine, KAZI. I read the magazine by listening to the voice recordings created but the Hayama Yamabato group who volunteer to make audio versions of magazines.

Thank you so much to the Hayama Yamabato group!

An article in this magazine is actually responsible for giving me the first push to challenge my first voyage across the pacific. I read an article about the ship, Aeolus, and decided to send a message to the editor that I’d like to use the boat. The editors connected me to the owner of the boat, Hike san. Without this article, without the volunteer group ,without the editor and without Hiki san, my first attempt would never have happened. We are all dependent on other people to achieve our goals in life. 

In the article I was reading yesterday, I read about a race held in 1968, challenging sailors to a non stop round the world race. Last year was the 50 year anniversary of this race and they challenged modern day sailors to attempt the same thing with same equipment they had in 1968. This means no GPS device, no autopilot, no navigation system. They also had to sail on yachts much smaller than the ones used in modern day round the world sailing. I’m sure that to those sailors, what we are attempting is a piece of cake. 

I highly recommend that you read KAZI. It’s a great read. 

PICTURES OF YESTERYEAR – COPYRIGHT RESERVED Historic. Circa 1968: Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail solo non-stop around the World, aboard his 32ft 5in yacht SUHAILI. He returned to Falmouth, England on 14 June 1968, completing the 30,123 mile voyage in 313 days – an average of 4.02knots.




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