Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.22.2019, Day 26

3月22日 日本時間午前7時 26日目 天気晴れ
北緯15度44分 西経164度30分 東の風10 メートル 波 2.5m
ヘディング270度 船速7ノット



2人でウォッチ(見張り)をするので(私の場合 “聞き張り”?)、1日12時間ウォッチをすることになります。ウォッチの時間帯は私の場合、 Dream Weaver のことが最も分かりやすい、コックピット、前のデッキに座って、異常な音や振動、ヒールがないかを確認します。ただ 、オートパイロット に負担がかかりすぎていないか触りながらその音や振動を確認します。視覚障がい者用ナビゲーションシステムで、ボートスピードとヘディングを確認しながら急な変化を確認した場合、ダグに連絡します。また、風の状態を視覚以外の皮膚感覚で方向と風速をチェックします。




March 22nd, 7.a.m. Japan Time, Day 26, Weather: Clear

15.44 N 164.30 W, East wind 10 meter

Wave hight: 2.5 meter, Course: 270°, Boat speed: 7 kts.

[ Time goes slowly on the boat ]

We adjusted the sail settings twice last night to meet with change of wind direction coming from southeast.

We share the watch, so each of us have 12 hours on duty. (in my case, “listen”?) On my watch, I pay attention to cockpit. I also sit on the front side of the deck and make sure if there is no unknown sounds, vibrations and heel angle. I also pay attention to sounds and vibrations to check the autopilot working fine or getting too much stress. When I detect a sudden change of the boat speed and the heading direction by using my talking navigation system for blind sailors, I let Doug know about it. Another thing I can check is the wind, like speed and direction by sensing on my skin.

On my off-watch, I sleep, eat, clean the boat and take some videos. If I have some extra time, I like to listen to audiobooks and music. I am not too busy, but no internet surfing or email checking. We have plenty of time, but always have something to do, so it is not like we have some time to kill. We get no news except for weather forecast, so I don’t know if cherry started to bloom in Kyushu. (it is a big deal for Japanese!)

The time goes slowly on the boat like this. I am grateful to have this opportunity to take a look at myself and time do meditation.

P.S. My sister reads me most of your message for me. I appreciate you keep on sending us positive power and messages. I am sorry, we can not respond to each one right now.


5 thoughts on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.22.2019, Day 26

  1. By my plotting, you have sailed more than half the distance, and approaching Johnston Atoll, an unincorporated territory of the United States, administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Johnston Atoll is a National Wildlife Refuge, previously used as a naval refueling depot, an airbase, a nuclear and biological weapons testing site, a secret missile base, and a chemical weapon and Agent Orange storage and disposal site. These activities left the area environmentally contaminated and remediation and monitoring continue. Maybe you will get more bird visitors, as you sail clear of Johnston Atoll.


  2. Greetings to the Great Crew Team Hiro & Doug, from the Agean Turkish Coast of Burhaniye…

    We opened Hiro’s Journal of today, March 22, ’19 (Day 26), as we always do to touch base, and what a beautiful photograph we spotted there today. If you could kindly give permission, my father Turgut would like to make an Oil-on-Canvas painting of today’s photograph.

    Everytime we check-in, so to speak, we share your daily voyage feelings and excitement.

    Thank you for inspiring us with your stamina and sincere reports.

    We salute You.
    Turgut & Deha Gelegen


    1. Thank you alway for your support! Please feel free to use the picture for the painting. I will let the photographer and the crew know about that.


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