Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.19.2019 Day 23

3月19日 日本時間 午前7時 23日目 天気晴れ

北緯14度47分 西経156度 50分
東の風8 メートル 波1.5 メートル
ヘディング250度 船速7ノット



  • 今回の航海のために契約した、アメリカの気象コンサルタント会社のコマンダーウェザー
  • 衛星通信のパッケージについているプリディクトウインド
  • プロジェクトに最初から関わってもらっている、サンディエゴのキャプテン・キース
  • 日本在住の太平洋横断の経験を持つカーク



14.47 N 156.50 W, East wind 8 meter,

March 19th, 7 a.m.Japan Time, Day 23, Weather: Clear

Wave hight: 1.5 meter, Course: 250°, Boat speed: 7 kts.

[ 4 source of major information for our routing decisions ]

We had a nice consistent winds that our sailing has been great since yesterday.

There are countless numbers of routing for sailing across the Pacific. But, with some considerations of weather forecasts, you will probably end up with two or three choices. We are making decisions from below 4 different source of information / advice.

  • A US based company called “Commanders’ Weather”, we hired for this voyage.
  • PredictWind, a weather forecasting product for sailors that came with our satellite package.
  • Captain Kieth in San Diego who’s been involved in our project from the beginning.
  • Kirk who lives in Japan, and has an experience across the Pacific.

Doug explains to me all the information we get and we make routing decisions together.

Here is our most recent information from Commanders’ Weather.

Route: San Diego, CA to JapanPosition: 14 49.8n/151 17w at 14utc Sat March 16, 2019, cog 263, 5.7ktPrepared: 1600utc Saturday, March 16, 2019
Summary:  1) A cold front is passing N of Hawaii today and tomorrow,    a) some lighter & more moderate wind speeds along your route today and tomorrow   b) I have you on starboard much of the first several days

2) Big high pressure is approaching from the NW and will arrive with a front of stronger winds on Monday.   a) I still have you on Starboard, but when the right shift comes have you heading up a little more N    b) there will be some showers around, but mainly more to north of you / south of Hawaii on Mon 

3) With this front Monday, a large NW swell train will be arriving   a) long period at 15-18 sec, but quite large at near 14 feet. Big rollers.    b) swell period diminishes down to 10 sec as the swell also lays down some into Tues.

4) Tues the high shifts eastward and reinforces the trade winds keeping them in the teens to low 20s   a) increasing clouds and may have a few showers around at times as well

5) into Wed and Thurs, trade winds moderate back into teens as the high to the north moves away   a) on Thurs I have you gybing to port to get a little further south,   b) will be better wind speeds further south, as there will be a high pressure area over western Hawaiian islands   c) this could be a short hitch to the S and think you can come back to starboard again once you hit 15 30n -16n. 

6) Next update on Thurs, March 21

Wind forecast  Time is UTC: Wind directions are TRUE / wind speed in KTS

Sat, Mar 1618: 060-080/11-16Weather…partly cloudy. Seas NE 6-8 ft and decreasing

Sun Mar 1700: 060-080/10-1506: 060-080/8-1312: 040-060/7-12, near 14 45n/ 153 30w18: 030-050/10-15Weather…mostly clear to partly cloudy. Seas NE-E 5-7 ft

Mon Mar 18 – more showers around to the N and less to the S00: 040-060/9-1306: 040-060/11-1612: 060-080/15-22- near 14 50n/ 156w and now heading a little more N 18: 050-070/17-22Weather…becoming partly cloudy with chances for scattered showers. Long period NW swell arriving- increasing up to 13-18 feet, period 16 sec.

Tues Mar 1900: 060-080/17-2206: 060-080/20-2512: 070-090/18-24, near 15 40n/158 30w18: 070-090/17-22Weather…partly to mostly cloudy. Seas N swell 8-12 feet and slowly diminishing 11-16 sec

Wed Mar 2000: 080-100/15-2006: 080-100/13-1812: 080-100/12-17, near 16 40n/161w18: 070-090/12-17Weather…mostly cloudy becoming partly cloudy.  Seas N at 9-11 ft

Thur Mar 21 – winds getting lighter further north and will be a little stronger further S00: 070-090/13-18 – I have you gybing to port to stay in better wind speeds a little more to the S06: 070-090/13-1812: 080-100/13-19, near 16 30n/163 30w18: 080-100/14-19Weather…partly cloudy. Seas NW 7-9 feet
Fri Mar 22 – now can go back to starboard 00: 070-090/13-1812: 070-090/15-20 – near 16 30n/165 50wWeather…becoming mostly cloudy. Seas N 7-9 ft

Fri Mar 22 – now can go back to starboard 00: 070-090/13-1812: 070-090/15-20 – near 16 30n/165 50wWeather…becoming mostly cloudy. Seas N 7-9 ft


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