Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.17.2019 Day 21

3月17日 日本時間7時 21日目 天気晴れ。
北緯14度44分 西経152度2分 北の風8 メートル 

波60センチ ヘディング280 度 船速7ノット



今回皆さんもご存知の通り、古野電気さんから私たちの太平洋の位置をインターネットを通して確認できる、トラッキングシステムを提供いただいている。このシステムの話を家族に話したところ、非常に喜んでいた。不安感がものすごく軽減したようで、非常にありがたいことである。このトラッキングシステムに加えイリジウムの衛星電話も提供していただいている。毎日この衛星電話で熊本の姉に電話し 、日記の内容を書き取ってもらい、タグの奥さんに送信しブログをアップしてもらっている。姉にも感謝だ。衛星電話がなければブログの更新もできていないだろう。(船にあるインターネットメッセージのシステムは残念がら私の使っている機器には対応していないのです)


March 17th, 7 a.m. Japan Time, Day 21, Weather: Clear

14.44 N 152.2 W North 8 meter wind

Wave hight: 60 cm, Course: 280°, Boat speed 7 kts.

[Big THANK YOU to Furuno that gives our family feel confortable]

When I talked about this second challenge to my wife and daughter, they were supportive, but I could see they were very worried after the accident of my previous challenge. On the morning of our departure, my daughter, Leena, gave me a hug which was longer than usual. From that hug I could sense that she was anxious about my journey.

As you know, Furuno provided us with their tracking system which allows people to see our location in the Pacific. This is open to the public on our web site. When I talked about this tracking system to my family, they were very happy. that made them feel better, and I am very thankful. Furuno provided us with an Irridium satellite phone as well. I call my sister in Kumamoto, Japan everyday and ask her to write down my daily journal. Then she sends the content to Doug’s wife and she uploads blogs everyday. I appreciate their support as well. This can not happen without the satellite phone. (The internet message system does not work with my devices…)

I greatly appreciate Furuno for their support on those two systems.

This is our end of the day yesterday
This is also the end of the day yesterday.
This is while I am talking on the phone today.
This is the Furuno’s tracking device. The picture is from when Mori san from Furuno came to SD to install it.

One thought on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.17.2019 Day 21

  1. Hiro,
    It’s great reading the daily comments from you and Doug, as it satisfies our curiosity about the journey and life on board. We certainly take modern technology for granted, as it is so integrated into our daily lives now. Noteworthy that just 50 years ago we would not be reading your stories, seeing your position digitally plotted on a chart, or viewing the amazing photos sent daily.
    Thanks for sharing, and cheers to both of the hero’s………

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