Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.15.2019 Day 19

3月15日 日本時間 午前7時 19日目 天気晴れ。

北緯16度14分 西経148度14分 北東の風8メートル 

波60センチ ヘディング210度 船速6ノット 




スコール後は天候が落ち着き、Dream Weaverを打ちつける波もなく、船が安定していたため、セールのセットを変えるために起こされることもなく、4時間ぐっすり眠れた。出航して初めての快眠だった。通常8時間は寝る私だが、4時間で快適になったとは驚きだ。

そして、今日は最高の日を過ごしている。 人生、自分の意志でコントロールしていると思うかもしれないが、実は睡眠によってコントロールされているのではないだろうか。 大きなミスをして事故にならないように、なるべく良い睡眠をとろうと思った。

March 15th, 7 a.m. Japan Time, Day 19, Weather: Clear

16.14. N 148.14 W, NE 8 meter wind, Wave hight: 60 cm

Course: 210°, Boat speed: 6 kts.

[ Sleep controls my life? ]

We came across squall yesterday and the day before. I was glad to finally experience it, because most of the books by world sailors talk about it! 🙂

Warm humid wind suddenly disappears, then the temperature drops down with sudden cold winds blow at us. If you prepare for it, you can actually enjoy it like a game, wether to keep on sailing, or to fold the sails. Enjoyed the rain as if I was taking a shower and I sent my wishes with the strong wind.

The weather got nice and calmed down after the squall that there were no strong waves hit Dream Weaver. The boat got stable and there was no need to change the sail settings for a while, so I got to do deep sleep for 4 hours. This was the best sleep I ever had during this voyage. I normally sleep 8 hours, but I am surprised to feel so refreshed in 4 hours and I am having a great day today.

You might think, your willpower is taking control your life, but I think, sleeping is controlling my life.

I will try to get a good sleep to avoid big mistakes that lead to accidents.



One thought on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.15.2019 Day 19

  1. Hiro,
    Glad to hear you finally recharged with good sleep. Being a crew of 2 helps with this, considering those who make these ventures solo. All the best guys! Stay strong and calm, know that we are all cheering loudly for you and Doug, and continue to be amazed at the distance you have travelled and so intrigued by your stories of the adventure.
    -Rob and Sandrine


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