Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.14.2019 Day 18

3月14日 日本時間 午前7  18日目 天気曇り。

北緯17度33分 西経146度25分

東の風10メートル 波1.5メートル

ヘディング285度 船速7.5ノット 





March 14th, 7 a.m., Japan Time, Day 18, Wether: Cloudy

17.33 N. 146.25 W

East 10 meter wind, Wave night: 1.5 meter

Course: 285, Boat speed: 7.5 kts.

[Appriciation for ordinary things]

Kinder sea is back this morning, so we boiled some water for the first time in four days and had some coffee. The cup of coffee made me feel so happy and I enjoyed the moment.

We turned off the refrigerator yesterday due to the lower battery. We got rid of old fresh foods into the ocean. I cleaned my body with a disapposable wet towel. Water is limited that we don’t want to waste any of it. I am not shaving my face during the voyage. I was thinking about our days on this boat as I felt some mustash and beard on my face.

While I spent my days like this, I realized adventures make our everyday ordinary life very special and I am very thankfu for that.


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