Heading south again /再び南へ

Dream Weaver current location on March 15th, 10:50 a.m. Japan Time

15. 8979 N 148.5109 W

Course 219°, Boat speed 7.2 kts.

Report from Doug

We have decided to turn south to get more established in the trade winds for the 3000 nautical mile trek West before our turn up to Japan.   The winds further south should be stronger and more consistent, and the waves will be inline with our direction if travel making things a little more comfortable

Going closer to Hawaii would have been the shortest distance, but we would have had to contended with: wind shadow of Big Island; less predictable wind and waves, approaching cold front and possible squalls and increased boat traffic.



ハワイに近づいて行くというのは最短距離ですが、ハワイ島が立ちはだかりウィンドシャドー となり、予期しにくい波風、寒冷前線の接近やスコールに、同じ航路の船の増加などがあります。


2 thoughts on “Heading south again /再び南へ

  1. Bummer you couldn’t make a few day stop in Hawaii for some R&R. I’m watching your progress. Stay the course.


  2. Doug and Hiro,
    Sounds wise, and favorable to the term “smooth sailing”. All the best to both of you and to the faithful ship.
    We continue to cheer for you as loud as we can, hoping you can hear us.
    -Rob and Sandrine


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