Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.13.2019 Day 17

3月13日 日本時間 午前7時 17日目 天気晴れ。

北緯17度59分 西経144度1分 東の風10メートル 

波3メートル ヘディング240度 船速6.5ノット 






レーダーなどを見ることができず、行動が遅く、どんくさい僕でも このような任務が与えられていることに感謝。


March 13th, 7 a.m. Japan Time, Day 17 Weather: Clear

17.59 N 144.1 W, East 10 meter wind, Wave Hight: 3 meter

Course 240°, Boat speed: 6.5 kts.

[ This morning, after I felt the effect of daily meditation ]

When people have an extreme stress and anxiety, their voice get high toned, cracked and they often do back talk that they add fuel to the fire in the bad situation.

It is important to accept what happened, try to help out soften the anxiety and talk about it.

The hard situation makes me realized I have my duty in this voyage. I feel it more strongly when in unlucky situation. I can not check and see the radar, always need more time to do anything, I am slow person. But I am thankful to be given some work to do.

I will overcome the hard time in this voyage by meditation. Like Hiki-san advised me, ” Pray for your happiness, and for your partner and for all the people in the world. “


2 thoughts on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.13.2019 Day 17

  1. Doug and Hiro please know that in the scope of things – losing the camera was sad, but losing a life would have been sadder. Take care. May the wind be always at your back.


  2. Hiro,
    Glad to hear that the seas have calmed, the wind is steady, and is favoring your chosen course. Tough as it is, try to safely get some physical exercise, such as jumping jacks, sit-ups, push ups squats, etc. this to help you stay balanced and strong both physically and mentally.

    Never forget, you planned and trained hard for this for so many years, now you are living it, and nothing is better than that!

    Go Team Dream!


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