Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.02.2019 Day 7



北緯23度53分 経度121度12分 北の風 風速7メートル 6ノット 波50センチ

ボードヘディング268度 船速11キロ 


今朝7時やっと風が出てきて、帆を転回しセーリング出来るようになりました。7メートルの風の中、Dream Weaverは6ノット(11キロ)で快走中。昨日までの忍耐があったからこそ、この素晴らしいセーリングをよりエンジョイできていると思います。


[Enjoying nice sailing in Pacific Ocean]

March 2nd, 2 p.m. March 3rd 7 a.m. Japan Time, Day7, Weather: Clear

23 53N 121 12 W, North wind, Wind speed 7 meter/ 6 kts, Wave hight: 50 cm

Course 269°, Boat speed: 11km

We have been struggling from very weak wind for the past 6 days. The only time we had good wind was on the first day when the documentary maker, Fukuhara san’s ship was following us. I believe Fukuhara-san’s passion must have been the source of that powerful wind.

We finally have some decent wind from around 7 a.m. here and started to sail close-hauled in 7 meter wind. Currently that Dream Weaver is sailing joyfully at 6 kts.

This is Day 7. I feel this is a very special day as Shinbo-san and I’s voyage across the Pacific in 2013 came to an end on day 6 when we had a collision with a whale. I had some frightening memories pop up during the past 6 days but I think I have overcome them and am now actually enjoying the sailing.


One thought on “Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 03.02.2019 Day 7

  1. Nice to see that you have now reached Trade Wind Ave. and are turning Westward.

    The wind on your departure day was strong and steady, and the ship looked glorious as you raced past Cabrillo point. Hoping and praying that you realize similar conditions on the journey ahead.
    Go Team Dream!
    -Rob and Sandrine


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