Hiro’s Journal / ヒロ日記より 02.28.2019 Day 5


北緯26度33分 経度119度20分、北東の風 6ノット、波60センチ

コース190度 船速7.2キロ






February 28th, 2 p.m. Pacific Time, March 1st, 7 a.m. Japan Time, Day 5.

26.33.N 119.20 W, Wind Speed: 6 kts, Wave hight: 60 cm

Course: 190°, Bout speed:7.2 kph

We were motoring, then switched to sailing from 12 o’clock midnight. But we lost those winds after noon and we have to be patient again. Seems like we have to suffer like this for a while. North Pacific High is sitting on the west side, so we are going south, instead of going SW. This make us look like we are not approaching to Japan, but we need to be more south than 26°N, so we can catch the Trade wind. We need continued to be sailing like this a little longer. Lack of good wind may make our arrival later than we planed, but we don’t know it for sure. We added two extra containers of fuel to the tank the so far, but from now on, we will try sailing and not use fuel for a while.(our fuel limited, as you know.)

Yesterday, we tried to clean dishes in the ocean by putting them in a fish net, but it was not successful.




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