Food / 食料

As the refrigerator uses a lot of electricity, we will not turn it on.  Rather, we will pre-cool it while connected to shore power and freeze gallon jugs of water and put them in the bottom of the fridge to keep it cool.  When the ice eventually melts, the jugs will become backup sources of drinking water.  This means that we will only have fresh food for the first 10 days or so of the voyage.  For the remaining 50 days, we will be relying on freeze-dried and canned food and pasta and rice.  We need to be able to provide 1,800kcal per person for 75 days (60 days plus 15 days backup) and make sure that it is nutritionally balanced.  Meals will be supplemented by energy bars and meal supplement drinks.


やはり味がとてもよく簡単に作れる日本のフリーズドライ食品は素晴らしいです。Japanese freeze-dried foods are tasty and easy to prepare.

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