New Pec / ニューペック(電子航海支援アプリ)

Less experienced sailors and people unfamiliar with sailing usually associate offshore and blue water sailing with increased danger.  And, while it is true that one is further from help if something happens, it is also less likely something will happen as there are fewer boats to collide with and no obstructions in the water, with the exception of the rare cargo container that came off a ship during a storm- and the occasional whale!   It is when one is close to shore and there are many other boats, reefs, shoals and fishing nets that extra caution is required.  This is especially true for Japan.  Mapple ON Co., Ltd has kindly allowed us to use their mapping software “New Pec Smart” for free.  These maps are much more detailed than those that are obtained outside of Japan and will be extremely valuable to us as we approach the coast of Japan.



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